The Gaines Family Foundation joins AGF

We are excited to announce that The Gaines Family Foundation has recently joined the Arizona Grantmakers Forum! The Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that help the less fortunate lead more productive and joyful lives.

It supports nonprofits who have demonstrated the commitment necessary to serve the needs of our community — a helping hand where it’s needed most.

About The Gaines Family Foundation:

The Gaines Family Foundation, located in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 1998.  The Foundation is a charitable trust that is operated by Gerald and Kathy Gaines. Gerald Gaines is a trustee of the Foundation. The Foundation provides funds and other support to 501(c) (3) organizations. Gerald Gaines has a history of philanthropy having been an active philanthropist in Denver, Colorado in previous years.

Funding areas of interest include:

  • Support and funding for research and development of Alternative healthcare and medical practices and modalities
  • Support to nonprofits that provide for basic human needs
  • Food: food banks, congregate meals for individuals or families experiencing homelessness or domestic violence
  • Shelter: emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters, transitional housing
  • Medical and healthcare services: Medical services for uninsured and underinsured individuals
  • Support for agencies which look out for the rights and protection of persons who are mentally ill to keep them from being incarcerated in prisons and to provide support if they are incarcerated

Click here to access the Gaines Family Foundation recent RFP.


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